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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The boy gets lucky! Mom & Dad too!

No, this isn't a boastful post about multiple acts of sweaty carnality. And too bad for that... But it is a post about the notification from the hospital that all of the bill for the boy's week long stay, has been written off. Taken care of. Abolished- the hospital and the doctor's bills. All we ever saw was the hospital portion of the bill, $8500 and a couple bucks. I suppose the doctor's bill could easily have added $1500 more to the total.

But, the boy is 21, uninsured through me, unemployed and in school. So after we filled out some forms and provided some supporting documentation, the hospital wrote off the bill. Every dollar of it!

This was very good news for all concerned.

On a related note, the boy is drawing close to graduating from Job Corp. The Toyota dealer, where he had begun a Work Based Learning stint just before going into the hospital, is still interested in having him return to their service bay. Rumor has it that there is a permanent position as soon as he leaves Job Corp as well. I really hope this pans out for him as it would be the perfect affirmation of the effort that he has put into his training this past 18 months.

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